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Experienced, friendly, reliable cleaning services covering Cirencester, Purton, Swindon and the surrounding villages


If your house needs an annual Spring clean, a one-off clean or a deep clean after the school holidays or a tidy up after the festive season I can help.

I am happy to visit your home, rental property or premises to discuss the extent of the cleaning services needed, expectations and cleaning rates with no obligation at a time to suit you.


One off and specialist cleaning services include:

Kitchen Spring cleaners, oven cleaning company near Cirencester, Airbnb cleaning services Cotswolds

Kitchen deep clean and oven cleaning.

Patio cleaning, company to pressure wash and clean patios near Swindon Wilts

Patio pressure washer cleaning.

Holiday let cleaning company covering South Cerney and Cirenester

After building work cleaning.



Bathroom steam cleaning

The best way to clean a dirty bathroom is to use a steam cleaner. Steam cleaning is not only an environmentally friendly way to clean as it mainly just uses water and heat so avoids the need to use harsh chemicals, it also sanatises and deodorises. Using a steam cleaner to clean bathrooms and showers will remove dirt, hard water stains and soap scum together with destroying mold, bacteria and germs leaving your bathroom spotlessly clean.


Cleaners to clean dirty bathrooms Cirencester

A dirty shower before cleaning. This job included deep cleaning the entire bathroom.

Environmentally friendly steam cleaning, a spotlessly clean shower cleaned by Purton Cleaning Services in Wiltshire

A spotlessly clean shower after a good session of steam cleaner treatment. My client was delighted with the results.



Mouldy washing machine cleaning

A new washing machine can become mouldy and dirty after approximately 1 year of use. The pictures below show the drawer where you put washing powder and space where you push the drawer inside the washing machine. The black marks are mould which builds up over time. Laundry is not fully disinfected or cleaned if mould is present inside a washing machine, an unpleasant smell often occurs and the lifespan of the washing machine is shorter so thorough cleaning is recommended.

This washing machine was cleaned using my steam cleaner which not removes the left over washing powder residue it also kills the bacteria, mould and mildew.


Mouldy washing machine cleaning company near Cirenester

This is the washing machine tray before it was steam cleaned.

Domestic washing machine cleaners Swindon and Cirenester

This picture shows the washing machine tray after steam cleaning.

How to clean a mouldy washing machine cleaners Swindon Wilts

A mouldy washing machine before steam cleaning.

Mouldy washing machine cleaners Cirencester

After using my steam cleaner I had completely removed all the mould.



Steam cleaning dusty radiators

A radiator cleaning session, with my Kärcher steam cleaner, takes around 30 minutes although this depends on the radiator size and level of dirtiness.

Cleaning radiators is recommended before the weather turns colder and before the heating season. When dirty radiators are on, the hot air lifts the dust and you basically breathe it in.

Cleaning radiators using a steam cleaner is particularly recommended for bedrooms as the treatment provides clearer air at night which in turn aids a better night's sleep.

Steam cleaning cleaning is only suitable for central heating radiators (not electrical ones).


Company near Cirencester to clean dusty radiators

The picture above is the dusty radiator before cleaning.

Company to steam clean dusty radiators

The dust free, clean radiator after being cleaned with my Kärcher steam cleaner.



Mattress vacuuming and UV light sterilization

I am pleased to offer new cleaning services for dust allergy suffers - my extremely effective mattress vacuum cleaner eliminates dust, mites and bacteria.

It produces constant heat emission at a temperature of 60°C, simulating solar rays. With this function and the anti mite brush, it sanitises mattresses reaching and removing 99.99% of bacteria up to 20cm deep from fibres.

The powerful motor not only sucks mattresses but beats them forcefully and removes mites that cannot be eliminated with suction only.

This mattress vacuum cleaner has been awarded the quality mark from the British Allergy Foundation, Allergy UK, which has issued the certificate on the reduction and elimination of allergens and bacteria.


Mattress vacuum cleaning services Swindon Wiltshire

Picture showing my vacuum cleaner before a mattress cleaning session.

Mattress cleaning company Swindon

Picture showing debris in vacuum after cleaning a 4 year old mattress.

Mattress vacuuming, mattress cleaning company Swindon Wiltshire

Opened vacuum cleaner dust cup after mattress cleaning showing its contents.


The mattress vacuum pictures above show the amount of debris removed from 4 year old mattress from a home where the bedding was changed every second week and there was a mattress protector on the top of the mattress. The family reported much better sleep after the mattress was vacuumed.

My mattress cleaning service is especially recommended for people with dust allergies and ideally should be done every 3 to 6 months. As with all my equipment, the vacuum cleaner is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised after each use.



Professional Cleaning Equipment

I use professional cleaning equipment including a Kärcher wet and dry vacuum, Kärcher steam cleaner and a Kärcher pressure washer, to ensure a deep and thorough clean. All equipment is cleaned and disinfected after each job and I only use high quality cleaning products and detergents all included at no extra cost.


Wet and dry vacuum cleaning services Swindon Wiltshire, allergy cleaning Wroughton cleaners

My Kärcher wet and dry vacuum cleaner, with special filter system, enables me to clean quickly and more importantly thoroughly.

Hygenic steam cleaning services in Gloucestershire, holiday let cleaners South Cerney

The Kärcher professional steam cleaner is the best solution for ecological clean, highly recommended for people with allergies or homes with pets as it gives a deep, hygienic clean without the use of chemicals.

Pressure washing cleaning services Swindon Wiltshire, patio cleaners Cirencester Glos

I use a Kärcher high performance pressure washer to clean patios and outside house walls.



Cleaning Prices

Prices are tailored to each customer's specific requirements, minimum of 2 hours per visit and including all cleaning materials. For one off cleaning, deep clean jobs a free quotation visit is highly recommended.


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